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About DollySEO – The Best Digital Marketing Agency Based In Miami, FL

Launched in 2018, dollySeo is a family-owned full-service digital marketing agency located in Miami, FL.

Our CEO and founder, Ali M., got interested in digital marketing during his college years studying Computer Network Engineering.

During the years that followed, this interest evolved into a passion. The more he experienced, the more he became aware of the lack of integrity and transparency in the industry.

He saw empty promises, hidden data, and shortcut methods that led to Google penalties & future complications.

It didn’t take long for Ali to decide to break with the corrupted standard. After several years of freelancing, he founded dollySeo specifically to help brands achieve organic, sustainable growth.

DollySEO Team

What started as a small one-man startup grew into the Miami’s best digital marketing agency we are today — an agency that values trust and relationships and is committed to the long-term success of every client. To this day, honesty is the foundation of everything we do at our digital marketing company. Therefore, we have built long-term relationships with our clients and achieved great success for them, and our own company.

We have carefully curated a group of digital marketing experts who are not only well qualified but also dedicated to providing the maximum value to our partners, regardless of their size, scope, or industry.

Whether you’re a small business owner, a marketing guru or passionate about growing a national brand, our digital marketing agency, the best In & Near Miami, FL, can maximize your online presence and return on investment.


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Best Digital Marketing Agency Based In Miami, FL

What Makes Our Digital Marketing Agency Different

Throughout our experience in the digital marketing world, we have developed characteristics that make us unique.

Our disciplined SEO services identify the best solutions for every project by following the same steps.

However, we are flexible enough to test new techniques and tools to create innovative digital marketing campaigns. Our proprietary approach consists of:

  • Free, no-obligation assessment of clients’ needs to determine the likelihood of success and compatibility.
  • Setting up clear success metrics and finding the right digital marketing services in a discovery & planning phase.
  • The execution of our flexible SEO services.
  • An ongoing cycle of analysis, testing, and implementation is essential to ensure success.

At our digital marketing agency, we understand that in order to succeed in the global business world, we must be resilient. That’s why we keep an open mind and maintain a positive attitude with every new client.


We take communication very seriously at our digital marketing agency. We communicate in plain English and keep you constantly up to date on the progress of your marketing campaign. You will receive:

  • Integrity and honesty in communication as the foundation for building collaborative partnerships.
  • Dedicated account manager and backup SEO expert to ensure communication.
  • A well-articulated execution plan and a well-thought-out, results-driven strategic approach.
  • Updates on completed work, questions, and potential roadblocks every week.
  • Reports on the performance of our SEO services with expert recommendations to ensure success metrics are met on time.


Partnerships can be destroyed by hidden agendas and secrets. A successful marketing campaign depends on your ability to:

  • Keep ownership and access to all accounts
  • Report results in a consistent, clear, and open manner
  • Have a clear understanding of pricing & charges; you won’t be surprised with hidden costs

Our Goal and Mission

When we started our SEO company in Miami, FL, DollySEO (Miami’s best digital marketing agency), we had one goal in mind: To help people bring smiles to their family’s faces by sharing our experience with them to grow their business with the help of Digital Marketing services.

Our mission is to deliver high-quality digital marketing services and a high-touch customer experience, deliver results and reinvest profits in the success of our clients, their employees, and the community. At DollySEO, we get people real results, real leads, play by the rules, and only with white hat SEO. Our strength is our good reputation and our clients’ trust.

Best Digital Marketing Agency Based In Miami, FL

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