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    Practical Website Speed Optimization Tips​

    If you have a slow website, there are many different ways to speed it up. Only some minor tweaks can change your webpage speed dramatically. Sometimes, the tweaks are easy, and ordinary people can apply them. Here are some of these tips:

    Using a caching plugin can improve your website load times. It’ll serve up the static HTML instead of dynamic building with PHP. It’s not mandatory to know the technical stuff here. Caching plugins usually speed up your site load times around 2x, which is impressive.
    The file size of an ordinary website consists chiefly of images (around 50%). So if you reduce the dimensions of the images and optimize them, you can decrease the file size meaningfully. Pay attention that a smaller site file size equals faster loading. There are various optimization plugins for WordPress websites that you can use to optimize your website images. For instance, Optimole is an exciting tool to compress the images and make proper size focused on users` devices.
    Although switching hosts is not something enjoyable, slowcore hosting can make any tips futile. So if you use cheap hosting and your site’s speed is not so good, it might indicate that host switching is necessary for your website. In that case, you must upgrade your hosting. Spending more money on hosting can significantly improve your website’s speed. Switching hosts services usually provide caching plugins with their services, which can bring more speed to your webpage.

    The theme is the cornerstone of your website. So it impacts your site’s load times. Moving from a regular theme to a lightweight one can improve the speed by around 40%. Lightweight themes usually work well with page builders and provide a high level of flexibility in designing your webpage. Neve, GeneratePress, Astra, and OceanWP are some excellent WordPress themes to consider.

    Sometimes, we hear that more plugins don’t necessarily mean a slower website, depending on the plugin’s function and coding. But it’s not correct, and the rule of thumb is that adding more plugins on your site’s front-end can hurt load times. It’s hard for people who don’t have enough technical skills to assess the impact of plugins. So if a plugin is mandatory for your site, go and use it. But if your website can work without that plugin, leave it to keep your site more streamlined.

    If your website is global and you want visits from various countries, CDN is the best option to speed up your site’s load times. So the visitors who are away from your host’s data center can access your website without any trouble. It is because of the laws of physics and the light travel in fiber optic cables. Physical distance can play a role in the loading speed of your website. If you want a free CDN, Cloudflare is a great option, and it’s straightforward to get started. The Optimal plugin we mentioned before acts as a CDN for the site’s pictures. It is a simple method to get started with CDN on a WordPress website.

    Please remember that the tips mentioned above are not 100% solutions, but they help a lot. If you implement these recommendations, your website will be fast enough to attract many users.

    Many users search for products and services online, and search engines like Google bring the top results. Now, wondering how to get there? Do Your Website Speed and Make it As Fast As Possible! We can help you achieve that! Call Now!

    Why Does Your Website Speed Matter?

    Making a better speed for your website has many advantages.

    • It’ll increase the visits and users will stay more on your site.
    • The load times of your webpage are also crucial for search engines.
    • Page load times are a ranking factor for google in both desktop and mobile indexes.
    • So, website speed optimization is vital for your human visitors and Google.
    • Website speed can improve the user experience in many aspects, making your website more attractive.
    • A slow site can be tedious, and many users don’t have enough patience to stay on these sites.

    Website speed optimization can be a complicated issue. When you want to load your WordPress site quicker, you will be confused by technical expressions like CSS minification, HTTP requests, and many more.

    Professional experts have enough knowledge to help you optimize your website. We are the best option for you if you are considering site speed optimization in Miami, FL, and all over the US. We offer services like WordPress speed optimization to our esteemed customers. Years of experience make us distinguished from the other competitors in the field. Call us immediately!

    How Do You Spot a Problem in Your Website Speed?

    Now, you know that website speed is a vital issue. But how do you know your website has a speed problem? The answer is testing your site. There are various tools for testing website speed. Pingdom and GTmetrix are two helpful tools that can help you determine webpage speed. It would be best if you plugged in your site’s URL in these tools to notice the speed of your website. A website with good speed can load in 2-3 seconds, which is an excellent checkmark to consider.

    Need Website Speed Optimization?

    Ordinary people don’t know about websites` technical stuff a lot. So our Miami’s SEO Company can be helpful to you. These companies have professional experts with enough knowledge and experience to resolve the issues of different sites.

    Our company can be the best choice if you are looking for site speed optimization in Miami, FL, and all over the US. We provide quality services for our customers, and our experts are always with you. They can give you the best pieces of advice due to years of experience and education. 

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